#Coronavirus, singing songs from windows and balconies: that's why we'll be better people after this crisis.

#Italians are singing songs from their windows and balconies to boost morale during #coronavirus lockdown. That's why we'll be better people after this crisis.

Even if the health emergency caused by #covid19 is putting the nation, and in particular the Lombardy region, in a state of prostration, Italians are always able to find a unique and resilient way to live every experience.

"Remaining at home" (#restateacasa) is the slogan launched by the Government and to respect it without giving up feeling united in the distance, Italians have organized flash mobs from #balconies: singing "Volare", applauding the doctors in the front line, displaying banners saying "everything will be all right" (#tuttoandrabene).

Everything will be all right because, at the end of this dramatic experience, we will surely be better people. More aware, more responsible, more grateful for a normal life that until a few weeks ago seemed even boring to us.

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